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DeleteBG is an easy service for professional editing your images. Just a few clicks and your photo will be completely different.

Select an image to remove the background

Drag the file here or add it from your device

Only png or jpeg


Removal in 5 seconds

You don't need to have any special skills to remove the background of an image. Using DeleteBG, you can do this in just 5 seconds


High scanning accuracy

DeleteBG allows you to work with any images, incl. with objects that have difficult-to-edit borders (human hair, animal fur, etc.)


Service suits everyone

DeleteBG can be used by ordinary users. Use the service and your imagination to surprise your surroundings with creative photos. If you use image editing for professional activities, the service will help to significantly reduce the time for their processing.


How does background removal work?

Upload the original image. Wait for the image processing to complete. Then you can download the resulting image with a transparent background. You can also edit the image using a color or other image as the background

Better than Photoshop

DeleteBG allows you to very quickly edit the background of your image - delete, blur or replace with another. And you do not need to have perfect skills in working with graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop and others


Where can I use a photo without a background?

Using DeleteBG, you can edit images with any objects - photos of people, animals, various objects, etc. The functions of the service will be useful for editing personal photos, for editing product images from online stores. Also can be used by professional photographers and designers

Our statistics

5 million






Frequently asked questions

- Can I try to use DeleteBG for free? plus

Yes, of course. You can use 1 credit for free for image editing with DeleteBG.

1 credit = 1 image (more than 800x800 px)
1 credit = 50 images (less than 800x800 px)

This means that after editing the image, you can download 1 full image with size over 800x800 px.

Also you can download 50 images less than 800x800 px (preview image).

Remove Background
- What file formats can I edit? plus

DeleteBG edits files with format .png, .jpg, .jpeg at any size.

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- How can I pay? plus

You can pay by your credit / debit card, Fondy, Google pay, Apple pay.

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- Can I pay for using DeleteBG one time? plus

Yes, you can pay for a one-time plan and edit the amount of images that you need (10, 50, 100, …).

In this case, there is no time's limit for using DeleteBG.

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- What is included in the monthly plan? plus

After paying for the monthly plan, you can edit the amount of images specified in the plan within 30 days.

Also you can use the specified amount earlier.

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- What is included in the yearly plan? plus

After paying for the yearly plan, you can edit the amount of images specified in the plan within 1 year. The image processing limit is updated every month.

The yearly plan differs from other plans by being more cost-effective - you get a 2-month limit of image processing for FREE.

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- Can I replace the plan before it ends? plus

Yes, you can upgrade to a plan that provides a larger (smaller) amount of images at any time.

After changing the plan, the new image amount limit is automatically provided.

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- What if I haven't found a suitable package? plus

You can pay for several plans at the same time

The image amount limits are cumulative. This will help you edit your images without overpaying.

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- Didn’t find an answer to your question? plus

Contact us and we can help you understand all the details of the DeleteBG service.

Send an email to info@deletebg.top.

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